Visible In Green

      A multi-dimensional exploration into desires of white spaces for bodies of color, and a body of colors’ desire for autonomy. Interview regarding the installation can be found here Advertisements

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What We Find in the Placeless

In “What We Find in the Placeless,” elements of body horror serve as metaphors for racial and migration wounds, while Space– a place between the here and there, and between the past and future– provide the artist with a moment to reconcile with these wounds outside of our social constructs, expectations, and desires. Untitled 1 […]

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Ret-con (work in progress)

“Societies do not easily nor comfortably skip from ancient to modern, and tend to lose their historical authenticity and fundamental traditions when such rapid industrialization and modernization occurs. Coincidentally, a conflict emerges in the location between the desire to maintain pure traditions and the fulfillment of modernist ambitions. This contradiction, in turn, maybe partly rooted […]

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Family Portraits

I paint/draw/sculpt portraits of my family and friends on a regular basis and give them away to show my appreciation for their care. Painting is also a way to reflect upon my relationship and history with the subject. As someone who has been uprooted and traveled so often, the amazing and accepting people I meet […]

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