4 Sale

  4Sale (2014) Oil and mixed media on canvas 18×24 $2000 4Sale subverts the dichotomy of masculinity and femininity as proliferated by in representational art, as curated by male artists, and art institutions. For the series, I paint myself in poses which were traditionally given to female models, parodying works by white male artists, which are considered masterpieces within the […]

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Uncle Hôm (work in progress)

Uncle Hôm (2015) Oil on Canvas, plaster powder, water, 2-part mould, flags 70 x 36 x 36 $3000 “National cultures are contested within and from outside a country. They are defined by, and are meant to sustain the powerful elite within a nation, and they are defined by others as a way of distinguishing one national culture from another; ours and […]

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Ret-con (work in progress)

“Societies do not easily nor comfortably skip from ancient to modern, and tend to lose their historical authenticity and fundamental traditions when such rapid industrialization and modernization occurs. Coincidentally, a conflict emerges in the location between the desire to maintain pure traditions and the fulfillment of modernist ambitions. This contradiction, in turn, maybe partly rooted […]

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Divine “Nipslips”

An online exhibition of the “nipple slip” iconography within classical Western art. The gallery presents alternative interpretations of a gender specific iconography, which in the last hundred years has become a symbol of eroticism and obscenity; this conceptualization of “obscenity” has been historically linked to dominating Western powers– namely white males– from which the works in this exhibition […]

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Exhibition Design: The Fiery Pool

          A Sketch-up design for a mock exhibition of Maya objects. This project was completed for a fall 2015 Exhibition Design class taught by Dr. Victoria Lyall (Curator for Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Members of the curation team are: Jordan Pellew-Harvey (Exhibition Management and Development), McLaren Cundiff (Information and Interpretation Development), Michelle Sohnlein (Aesthetic Design […]

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