What We Found in the Placeless

Did you know that a blackhole is undetectable by man, until it collides with another blackhole and creates a ripple throughout the universe? and that the sun is just a continuous explosion which we can’t hear through the vacuum of space? and the moon was created from the body of earth following a traumatic event, forever tied to the Earth’s gravity?

What We Found in the Placeless” is a meditation on my desires for liberation. Seen through Western myths, the cosmos is a scary and alien place, open for conquest. Yet it’s beauty, fluidity, and timelessness make it undefinable and unconquerable. I connect my body with cosmic bodies and phenomena as a reminder of my own infinite existence outside of any border constructs.



Untitled 1

Oil on Canvas
30″ x 50″

untitled 2

Untitled 2

Oil on Canvas
48″ x 46″


Untitled 3

Oil on Canvas
39″ x 48″

Untitled 4

Oil on Canvas
94″ x 36″


Untitled 5

Oil on Canvas
46″ x 60″


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