What We Found in the Placeless

Did you know that a blackhole is undetectable by man, until it collides with another blackhole, after which it creates a ripple throughout the universe? and that the sun is just a continuous explosion which we can’t hear through the vacuum of space? and the moon was created from the body of earth following a traumatic event, forever tied to the Earth gravity?

“What We Found in the Placeless” explores my personal desires for liberation through space metaphors. Seen through Western media and myths, the cosmos is a scary and alien place, open to being colonized– yet the cosmos’s beauty, infiniteness, fluidity, timelessness, and complexity make it undefinable and unconquerable. I wanted to connect my body with cosmic bodies and phenomena as a reminder of my own infinite existence outside of social constructs. Each painting is a metaphor for my explorations of my immigration experience, gender, and self love at the time they were painted.


Untitled 1

Oil on Canvas
30″ x 50″


untitled 2

Untitled 2

Oil on Canvas
48″ x 46″



Untitled 3

Oil on Canvas
46″ x 60″




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