Performances 4 my mom

Awaiting Orchid (2019)

Awaiting Orchid  is a metaphor for the digital relationship between the artist and his mother– Lan Huong (Orchid Scent). An orchid is streamed over the monitor as it wilts over the course of a month. Visitors are invited to sit at the dinner table and eat dried fish and rice as they watch a moment in the orchids’ life.


Me, Mortars, and Borders (2017)

Me, Mortars, and Borders sees nationalism as tools of destruction and dehumanization. Viewers are asked to throw and destroy sculptures of Uncle Hôm — an absurd amalgamation of national icons Hô Chí Minh and Uncle Sam. Meanwhile, the artist who lives in the U.S explains to participants and viewers his relationship with his mother who lives in Vietnam.


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