Curatorial projects

Reorienting the Imaginaries Curated by Anh Bui, Robin Birdd, Shirin Makaremi, Lena Sok, and Renae Moua. SOMArts Cultural Center. San Francisco. November 2018- February 2019.   —— APAture 2018 : RE:Place. Curated by APAture curatorial committee. Kearny Street Workshop. San Francisco. October 2018- November 2018.   —— Remnants of the Diaspora. Curated by Anh Bui […]

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Method Acting

  Method Acting (2020) A reality-bending horror music + video that examines performance of masculinity as both assimilation and intentional tool for survival, and the search for liberation from that performance. Music written, performed, and produced by Bùi Hà Anh. Video directed by Bùi Hà Anh, Sarah Eun Kim, and Khánh Phạm. Staring: Bùi Hà […]

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What We Found in the Placeless

Did you know that a blackhole is undetectable by man, until it collides with another blackhole and creates a ripple throughout the universe? and that the sun is just a continuous explosion which we can’t hear through the vacuum of space? and the moon was created from the body of earth following a traumatic event, […]

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