Artist Statement

Through my work I investigate my constant migration between the U.S and Vietnam since the age of 10. I connect these experience with research into history, post-colonial theories, and contemporary visual culture, to reveal the systematic underpinnings that generate pains, desires, and restraints, within and onto my body.

Themes of loss, desire, and place reoccurs in my work:

Loss encompasses my loss of connection to Vietnam and my family, loss of culture through assimilation, and loss of an individual identity under monolithic constructions of racial and national identities.

Desire encompasses my past desires to assimilate to dominant culture of Vietnam and America, White institution’s desire for my culture and traumas as spectacles, and my desire to decolonize and break free of the White gaze.

Place encompasses the real and abstract spaces where I situate my investigation– be it on a webcam where borders become meaningless and I can reconnect with my mom, or in another universe where I can reconcile with my identities outside of social constructs and expectations.

Through my work, I seek to understand myself, claim my space, contribute to conversations centering the marginalization of immigrants and POC, and diversify the visual languages used in these conversations.